genevieve anderson

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the puppet is a universal figure. it holds a magic potential for distilling the very essence of

life, acting as a conduit for energies that transcend the material world. i am interested in the

puppet figure as a node of contemplation and reflection about the nature of being.

as the ever-increasing sophistication of technology usurps many human functions, especially

in regard to memory, the question of what remains unalterably human becomes a compelling

inquiry. the speed of technology compresses past/present/future into a simultaneity that

challenges us to locate our position within a new paradigm that seems to foster the

disappearance of the qualities that make us human. as our ability to understand ourselves

distinct from technology becomes more complicated, the need to interrogate the presumed

synergy between humans and technology becomes paramount.

the puppet body is a potent symbol of the figurative disembodiment of human beings – a

kind of anti-cyborg – a figure that reveals the unmasking of prosthetic intelligence from the

sentient body. the witnesses project strives to give form to the internal narrative of the

human race as it evolves in tandem with the technological world - an attempt at

reconciliation between the outer and the inner realms as we become a more impacted by


i am drawn to the idea of a universal figure that represents the human essence - a witness to

our evolution and a symbol of what remains unalterably human within us.

"watching genevieve's film and the world it evokes, gives me the distinct impression that I'm seeing

right into someone's private inner world…this indicates to me that her impressive technical skill is in

service to something else."

-Bill Viola