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audrey was born and raised on a dairy farm in lancaster county pennsylvania. after business school audrey worked for several companies all in a city atmosphere. when the lure of the west became too great to resist, audrey moved to colorado for a new adventure.  being no stranger to hard work or the outdoors she took a job cooking for big game hunters in the remotest of tent camps high in the colorado rockies. “taking the pack horses down the mountain alone for supplies once a week gave me chance to be inspired by the solitary beauty of the wilderness and a welcome shower at the base camp” says audrey. 

audrey met her husband karl, an artist in gold, fine art photography and sculptor, living in northwest colorado and began accompanying him to artist receptions and the different galleries that carried his work.  “audrey became at home in the art world and her deep appreciation for all types of work was refreshing” says karl “she is at home on a horse in the wilderness as well as a formal affair”

the transition was inevitable; audrey started designing jewelry in her husband’s studio. a welcome addition, audrey’s work brings a subtle femininity with an air of independence to the studio. she later became the director of one of the southwest’s leading contemporary galleries. when asked how two artists share the same studio Audrey replies, “we love to take our horses for days into the wilderness, and there team work is paramount, I guess that applies to everything we do.

coming full circle audrey now owns and directs her own gallery while designing jewelry that is whimsical and fun reflecting her true self and her love of life. She now ads some bling to her new line of semi precious stones which will debut at the opening of art gallery H.