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primarily, my goal is to have an intimate conversation with the viewer. distance, light, color and texture are very important elements which i achieve through several applications of surface structure and layers of glazes. the use of burlap is representational of the underlying fabric of time, often juxtaposed to the visual reference to the infinite within the horizon. i strive to create artwork that, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, is also infused with energy; conveying both simplicity and profundity simultaneously.

these inspired images, which are highly symbolic, ultra personal, and occasionally self-portrayals hold deep within them sacred principles. they often signify potential, birth, and nourishment of spirit. they express compassion for the pain, conflict and isolation inherent in our humanity. but most notably, they share man’s precious and universal sentiments of hope, perseverance, brotherhood and peace.

corey john horne is a self-taught artist who has been developing his own intuitive painting style and technique since he was a boy. mr. horne currently resides in madrid, new mexico, usa where he has his studio. for fifteen years prior to moving to new mexico in the autumn of 2006, he was a successful self-employed decorative painter for the interior design trade in denver, colorado. corey john horne has been in several solo shows, was a selected artist at the colorado arts festival and has been featured in several publications including colorado homes and lifestyles, the rocky mountain news, colorado modern art magazine, not drowning - waving magazine and the santa fe reporter.