david warren

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david warren has painted and drawn all his life.

at age four he received his first art lesson from

his aunt, who helped him observe the blue sky

and how it meets the earth at the horizon. his

school electives were art classes, and during his

senior year in high school he entered a regional

art competition and won first place awarding him

a full scholarship to kilgore junior college. he

later graduated with a BA in art from texas a &

m, corpus christi, also under full scholarship.

david was awarded the who’s who in art in 1982

and made the dean’s list.

climate change has had a direct

effect on my life. i used to live in a

region of texas known as the lost

pines. on september 4th 2011,

after months of no rain the

unthinkable happened. the worst

wildfire in texas’ history swept

over the region burning 53,000

acres, destroying 1700 homes and

displacing 5000 people, including

me. i lost everything that day.

that drought had changed my life

forever, and i now feel that my art

should direct people’s attention to

what we are doing to the planet

overall with our continued

contamination of it. I want to

present a view of beauty that still

remains and needs protecting.

that wildfire anchored my feelings

about nature and how it was being

destroyed all around me. even a

cactus needs rain every once in a


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