contemporary native american collection


about native american jewelry

our native american collection of contemporary jewelry is brought to this gallery directly from personal visits to various reservations through out the southwest. with over 40 years of experience in fine jewelry design and manufacture we are proud to offer our clients very select one of a kind pieces that are designed and hand made to the highest standards of craftsmanship using only quality materials and stones by established native american jewelry artists.

it has become increasingly harder to find native american jewelers on the reservations. several factors are responsible for the decline in available collector quality jewelry. one factor is the extremely high cost of precious metals such as sterling silver and 14kt gold.  another is due to the work and income provided from casinos and the lure of modern world technology and amenities. unfortunately the process of passing down traditional craftsmanship is fading.

the majority of Indian style jewelry is now being manufactured overseas and called by many misleading names such as native american inspired. these imports have further affected the profit margin of authentic native american made jewelry. at many levels it is impossible to compete with mass-produced imports flooding the market with synthetic, dyed, simulated and plated materials

while trying to remain competitive and still using genuine stones and precious metals, labor is the only area to cut, also effecting the ability to attract new jewelers to the trade

art gallery H is committed to representing only collector quality authentic native american fine jewelry and art.